When submitting your story to Vintage Japanese Motorcycle Magazine, please email the story’s text in  “plain text” (Notepad or WordPad, for example) or Word or Open Office Writer format. Do not embed photos and do not apply any fancy formatting, as it will just be lost in the editing process. For photo submitted with the story, if possible, please include captions at the end of the text, ideally like this example: IMG_2011.jpg, My CBX after restoration. If any of the photos need to be referred to a particular part of the text, then put the file name/caption there.

Send photos separately as attachments to you email. Make sure your email setting do not compress the file size of the attachments (varies by email service). Sometime this will require a few emails to avoid going over the limit allowed in each email (varies by email service). To print correctly, an image should have 300 pixels for every inch the photo is printed. For example: an image to be printed at 3” x 5” should measure 900 pixels by 1500 pixels. You can find this info for your photo file by right-clicking its name and choosing “Details” in the popup.

If you prefer to use DropBox, please contact the Editor and he will set up a folder for you to put your files in.

If you are “old school” and want to submit a story on paper with physical photos, we can accommodate that as well. We have a scanner for converting photos for use in the magazine and can re-type your story. Once that is done we will send back any or all of what you sent to you as requested. Please mail those submissions to: Michael Fitterling, Editor, Vintage Japanese Motorcycle Magazine, 411 North Wales Drive, Lake Wales, FL 33853

All those who contribute submissions used in the magazine will receive extra copies of that issue in addition to their regular membership copy as a thanks for contributing to the voice of the VJMC. Some submissions may take a while to appear, as building each issue requires choosing an appropriate mix of article from submissions oh-hand.

If you have any questions about a submission, please contact the editor at editor@vjmc.org or call 863-632-1981 between 9am and 5pm EST.